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Dear guest it is a pleasure to reach your visit in our website which will give you a short introduction of what you can find in Villa Casula.   Villa Casula is located in Le Marche Region which is a land composed by hills , plain and sea.   If you would like to walk or ride a bicycle through the hills You will breath the Nature, and see many different kind of birds, boar, deer, porcupines or hedgehogs, flowers and trees, butterfly……….
Unforgetable landscapes, sunrise and sunsets 
  You can visit the nearest Church of San Marco (800 meters) or the Church of San Martino in the Castle of Farneto (1800 meters).   All around this location there are many Historical Places and Monuments to be visited as:   Castle of Gradara, Fortezza di San Leo, Rocca di Offagna, San Marino, Basilica di Loreto, Cattedrale di Urbino, Palazzo ducale di Urbino.    August is the period of ROSSINI FESTIVAL the Lyrical Event. October and November is the period of fresh Truffle.   <div style="font-size: 11px;"><a href="http://www.vacances-location.net/affitto-vacanze/affitto-vacanze-montelabbate,pesaro-e-urbino.thtml"><img src="http://www.vacances-location.net/affitto-vacanze/map-extract/pesaro-e-urbino/montelabbate.png" /></a><br /><strong>Montelabbate</strong> con <a style="font-size: 11px !important;" href="http://www.vacances-location.net/affitto-vacanze/">www.vacances-location.net</a></div>

Hills from Marche Region

Beautifull Landscape of Marche Region Landscapes


This area is famous for the natural production of the Truffle: White and Black

Rossini Teather

The Liric Season in Teather Rossini... Pesaro in August every year...